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Surge in power demand in India: Is gas-based power going to to be in use?
Jul 04: The power minister's recent call for hydel and gas based power plants to fill in the gap in the face of rising demand and shortage of coal makes for an interesting study.
8He has called upon hydel and gas based generators to help out but warned that these two categories of generation should only be used for peaking and not base load requirements.
8Does this mean that there will be a higher offtake of gas based power, which ordinarily falls off the merit order dispatch system because it is expensive?
8Clearly, the government seems to be unprepared for the upsurge in demand and the shortage of coal.
8Was the emphasis on renewable power at the cost of conventional generation a little misplaced?
8Even though India has an outstanding record in creating solar and wind power, integration of all power sources and flexibility in conventional power generation haven't elicited the attention they deserve.
8What are the best practices in integration?
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