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Crude tankers-I: Jostling for space
Jul 02: The manoeuvring space for tanker owners is full of challenges these days. Rates are low, competition is tough, and constantly changing regulations must be accommodated.
8In today’s competitive environment, the choice of fuel is clearly an important factor.
8Find out how a big drop in building cost has caused a spate of orders for VLCCs.  Overall, low-prices have pushed the order book of crude and product tankers (over 10k dwt) to 627 ships.
8Even with the recent pullback in new-building prices, historically, they are still at competitive levels, particularly if they include the cost of extra equipment, such as scrubbers and ballast water treatment installations.
8The near future does not paint a rosy picture for oil tankers. The market will have to absorb a lot of new tonnage and it will.
8The market however will have to absorb a lot of new tonnage but that by itself will not be enough.
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