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Nayara Energy to spend Rs 2.10 lakh crore in refinery expansion-IV: We are in the best position to handle it
Jun 29: We are in the best position to provide you all the information that you may need on all refinery and petrochemical expansions in India.
8With a large team of engineers, we have disaggregated all Indian refineries down to their individual units.
8We know their product slates, technology, utility matrices, and design and actual capacities everywhere.
8On this, we run a dynamic project software that enables you to find out all maintenance, repairs and expansions going forward
8Engineers disaggregate this requirement into individual equipment and services coming up ahead
8We do this break up for all existing and forthcoming units.
8We identify key contacts right up to the unit, at the level of the crude distillation unit or the sulphur recovery unit within a refinery.
8Most of the data is collected from the ground through a laborious vetting process that is time-consuming but accurate.
8That is the level at which we work to bring you reliable commercial intelligence to the Indian downstream sector
8No one does it like we do.
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