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Huge boost to LSFO demand-II: LNG demand can run into severe headwinds in India
Jun 25: Also know more on how High Sulphur Fuel Oil will emerge as the new competitor for LNG in India's highly sensitive dual industrial fuel market in the world.
8In India particularly, public sector refiners will not be able to fully convert the use of HSFO by 2020, leading to a steep fall in prices.
8This will mean, if crude prices remain stable or lower as is now projected, a sharp fall in price of HSFO in comparison to competing fuels
8And if the demand surge leads to a global demand-supply balance, LNG prices are likely to stay high.
8This will, in turn, mean that gas demand will encounter severe headwinds in the face of low HSFO price
8Bitumen prices are expected to fall going ahead, giving a fillip to the road building industry.
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