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GAIL's US LNG commitments-VI: Ham handed approach to pipeline laying
Jun 22: The ham-handed manner in which GAIL has tackled opposition to the construction of its pipeline network out of the Kochi LNG terminal can become a business case study of how not to bungle up a pipeline project.
8The initial reaction of GAIL to farmers opposed to the laying of the pipeline through their lands was to handle it as an operational or even a law and order problem
8When that did not work, it took to legal recourse
8When the state government suggested a way out, the gas major refused to cooperate
8Instead what GAIL should have done was to create a congenial environment for fruitful stakeholder interactions.
8The company's brass had consistently deployed officers who were good at implementing pipeline projects but not at stakeholder conciliation. The goodwill therefore never got generated.
8An outreach campaign came too late in the day.
8The website carries here a template of how pipeline companies usually manage stakeholder conflict and how GAIL did it all wrong
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