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Subsea umbilicals-I: Transformative technology makes an entrance
Jun 21: Subsea umbilicals provide a range of disparate functions that cannot be completely eliminated or replaced.
8But companies can elicit substantial commercial benefit from simplifying umbilical functions, as well as from their partial removal.
A range of new technologies have begun to be deployed of late and among them are:
8Power: subsea power distribution (SPD) systems to simplify power umbilicals and subsea power generation and/or subsea energy storage to remove the connection altogether.
8Hydraulics: removing hydraulic-power and barrier-fluid needs from all-electric equipment, e.g., electric actuators and pumps that do not require barrier fluids (“topside-less”).
8Communication: subsea wireless communication (SWC) as a means to rationalize expensive infield and tieback communication and power lines.
8Chemical injection: flowline heating by active thermal management (ATM) reduces the need for flow assurance chemicals by heating production lines. Subsea chemical storage & injection (SCSI) systems can eliminate the need for chemical umbilicals by moving storage and boosting systems for all chemicals near to the well subsea.
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