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Subsea umbilicals-II: A whole new world opens up
Jun 21: These technologies would need to be supported with the use of additional highly innovative systems. For example, edge-computing technologies are being developed to move analytical function subsea and reduce the demands on bandwidth and latency by using communication links to send “information” rather than raw data.
8Artificial Intelligence could also reduce the amount of data to be transferred and enable the implementation of subsea automated safety instrumented functions, therefore relaxing latency requirements.
8At the lower end of the technology readiness level spectrum lie technologies such as Subsea chemical storage & injection (SCSI) systems
8Implementing SCSI would reduce dependency on umbilical chemical lines, which typically make up a large proportion of an overall umbilical cross section and weight.
8However, this technology is only possible when supporting technologies are implemented, to reduce the volumes of chemical needs and flow rates. For example, supporting technologies such as active thermal management and digital optimization of chemical injection to reduce the required chemical volumes can make SCSI viable.
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