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L&T's missed Daman deadline causes Rs 1000 crore loss to ONGC-II: Rap should be taken by L&T and ONGC brass
Jun 20: Clearly, L&T over promised on being able to complete the Daman project on time
After Swiber went bankrupt, ONGC had the following outstanding work to do:
8Fabrication and supply of the give well platforms by PTSC of Vietnam
8Supply of pre-fabricated steel and piles for conductors 
8Fabrication of the piles
8Transportation, installation, hook-up, pre-commissioning and commissioning of five platforms, five pipeline segments as well as topside modification of the TCPP/TPP platforms and other balance works
8It was the last contract that was awarded to L&T. The Indian contractor followed the usual philosophy: to over promise on delivery.
8The rap should be taken by the L&T brass overseeing the project as well as by ONGC company officials who were in charge
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