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PNGRB seeks to break Mumbai airport ATF monopoly-I: Intense lobbying on
Jun 15: The PNGRB's move to break the monopoly of public sector oil companies in the supply of ATF to the Mumbai airport has brought about much excitement in the industry.
8Mumbai accounts for 20% of all ATF consumption in India. The ATF is supplied by HPCL and BPCL refineries while IOC is a party to using the only ATF pipeline that goes into the airport
8The battle to end the monopoly has been fought tenaciously by airlines as well as by private sector suppliers such as RIL for many years now. The PNGRB proposal is the first major break
8Among those most excited by the proposal is Aegis Logistics which is keen to tie in its terminals in Mumbai to the ATF pipeline.
8Intense lobbying has already begun on the proposal
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