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Setback in ONGC's KG-DWN-98/2 Block-II: India could have been another Gulf of Mexico
Jun 14: The Gulf of Mexico (GOM) provides an example of how collaboration and joint effort between operators can provide for optimal results. 
8Over the last ten years, operators in the GOM realized the importance of access to infrastructure and collaboration with each other to fully utilize the existing or upcoming infrastructure. As a result, the hub concept, which is several fields jointly developed with a central production infrastructure to process hydrocarbon product from tie-in fields, has been introduced and gradually adapted by major operators. 
8The “Hub concept” creates a central production platform as a “Host” to process and handle production from adjacent multiple fields. 
8Independence Hub, located on Mississippi Canyon Block 920 in a water depth of 8,000 feet, is the result of a team effort of five E&P companies and one midstream energy company coming together to facilitate the development of multiple ultra-deepwater natural gas and condensate discoveries. 
8Recently, in response to a lower commodity price environment, many of the large GOM operators have been revisiting development options and scenarios.
8The near-term focus is on leveraging existing production infrastructure to develop discovered resources through lower cost subsea tieback developments.


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