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The myth of gas as a bridge fuel-II: Some unpleasant truths
Jun 13: Here are some quick facts that the alternate line of argument seems to be throwing up:
8How Much Room for New Gas?
Climate goals require the power sector to be decarbonized by mid-century. This means fossil gas use must be phased out, not increased
8Is New Gas Holding Back Renewable Energy?
Wind and solar are now cheaper than coal and gas in many regions. This means new fossil gas capacity often displaces new wind and solar rather than old coal.
8The Wrong Gas at the Wrong Time:
 Claims that fossil gas supports renewable energy development are false. The cheapest gas generation technology, Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT), is designed for base load operation, not intermittent peaking. Regardless, most grids are far from renewable energy penetration levels that would require back up. In many regions, storage and demand response
 technologies will be ready to step in by the time they are required.
8New Gas Locks in Emissions for 30+ Years:
 Companies building multibillion-dollar fossil gas infrastructure today expect to operate their assets for around 30 years. Emissions goals mean this expectation cannot be met.
8Too Much Gas Already:
The coal, oil, and fossil gas in the world’s currently producing and under-construction projects, if fully extracted and burned, would take the world far beyond safe climate limits. Opening new fossil gas fields is inconsistent with the Paris climate goals.
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