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Process gas compressor repair: A good job done
Jun 11: Here is a story of breakdown of an exceptional repair job of a process gas compressor that broke down in an Indian Oil refinery. The high-pressure piston rod became detached at the crosshead connection and hit the cylinder head. The parts were heavily damaged and it was not possible therefore to dismantle them and reassembly
8The refinery was at high risk as it was running on just one standby compressor
8A compressor manufacturer was roped in to repair the standby compressor which was made by a different company.
8After a detailed analysis, the required parts were engineered and manufactured,  and reverse engineered where needed. The existing plate valve and actuators were upgraded and so were the piston rod glands.
8The repairer also developed, manufactured and installed new high and low pressure sealing elements while also rectifying the cylinder head end support foundation
8The piston rod was upgraded with Tungsten Carbide (TC) coating for longer lifetime
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