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Oil prices: How far will they go?
Jun 11: How oil prices are going to behave is of keen interest to the oil & gas industry in India
8What really is the consensus price of oil for 2018 and 2019?
8There are different factors at play. Iranian, Venezuelan and Angolan shortfall can be made up by other producers. With 167% compliance rate, OPEC & partners have ample room
 to cover any gap left by Iran, Angola and Venezuela.
8But demand is going up robustly as well at an above average rate. Inventory data continues to point towards a tighter market
8And recent time spreads display mixed signals
8If prices skyrocket, OPEC spare capacity is, for now, enough to prevent a higher risk premium
8In the US, Permian shale is driving U.S. production to record-highs  but transportation bottlenecks limit impact on international prices
8What is of primary concern is a significant upward shift in the long-term portion of the forward curve and this highlights the potential impact of underinvestment. Know more how much oil can come into the market at higher oil prices and from where.
8Find out more on what price this analysis attributes to crude oil in the current year and the next. Find out what different analysts are predicting
8Beyond 2019 however, the projections get uncertain
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