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Jun 11: 8Get the latest status report on IOC's captive Dahej-Koyali refinery captive gas pipeline. Click on Report  for more.
8Now that LNG demand has surpassed all expectations and the supply-demand gap is closing rapidly, the focus seems to be on getting new investments off the ground. There is a potential 700 MMTPA of global supply looming ahead. The cost curve too has shifted considerably downwards since 2016. Around 400 MMTPA of LNG may be available at reasonable prices. Click on Report  for more.
8The website carries here an accurate estimate of greenfield offshore capex going up to the year 2020. There is a significant rise capex in 2018, going up further in 2019 but dipping again in the subsequent two years before rising again. Market award activity has begun seeing a revival. Know more click on Report.
8India is way down in the pecking order for FDI inflows but outflows showed a buoyant increase. Get full details here of investment patters into India and why the oil & gas sector figures prominently in all of this. Click on Report  for more.
8Can Canada emerge as a potential LNG suppliers in the future to India? The country has huge reserves of gas and Asian markets are an eight-day to an 11-day sail from proposed Canada's West Coast LNG terminals, two days closer than most of its international competitors. Click on Report  for more.
8A feasibility study on LNG as fuel for a VLOC (260,000 dwt) operating between Australia and China is on and the concept design is currently undergoing confirmation. Will it be feasible to extend the voyage of such a vessel to India? An entire support structure is being develop to make the journey a success. Click on Report  for more.
8Choosing the most effective, sustainable and economically feasible strategy to comply with the new low sulphur emission limits is not an easy task. Find out why that is so. Click on Report  for more.


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