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Nagaland: Is there super reservoir lurking there?
Jun 06: Is Nagaland still out of bounds for ONGC and OIL? Naga militants had forced a hasty retreat for ONGC many years ago. The peculiar land laws in the state, guaranteed by the constitution, come in the way of developing oil & gas properties. The last government in fact floated its own E&P regime, but it was shot down by the centre. Nevertheless on of the national oil companies is keen on making headway. This is because if there is a super reservoir to be found, it can only be in places such as Nagaland
Project Name: Oil Field Development
8Project Cost: Rs 250 crore.
8Project Description: The owner is keen on going ahead with a NELP VI in Nagaland. Clearances are expected by expected by Q3 2018. The project involves a 3D seismic survey of the highly prospective Schuppen Belt. Currently, the project is in pre-planning phase and project scoping is going on. The seismic surveys are expected to start by the Q4 2018. Further RFQs for the project are expected shortly.
8Project Event New: RFQ for hiring services for the 3D seismic survey is expected by July 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q2/2018
8RFQ Date: Jul/2018.
8Release Date: Sep/2018.
8Date: Q4/2018
8Completion Date: Q4/2019
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