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LNG squeeze by 2020: Bonanza awaits Indian producers
Jun 04: The LNG demand-supply outlook keeps changing on a continuous basis.
8The latest estimate is that supply will catch up to demand as early as 2020.
8New LNG liquefaction projects may not come up fast enough.
8Capital approval for LNG project has come down in recent years from around 20MMTPA in 2015 to below 5MMMTPA in 2017.
8This is in contrast to demand growth in last year alone estimated at more than 25MMTPA.
8This cool down period coincided with the market anticipation of LNG over-supply, which, there is now a consensus, has not happened.
8If demand and supply is going to be tight from as early as 2020, it augurs well for the Indian offshore gas production projects which will be coming on stream around that time as their prices are aligned to the LNG landed price.
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