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IEA projects massive surge in electric vehicles-II: Private retailing in India is a high risk business today
May 31: One business space in the oil & gas sector that seems to face the most uncertainty is the private retailing of petrol and diesel.
8For one, projections are showing crude prices at $90/bbl in 2020.
8These prices would clearly mean that the political establishment, despite its bravado as of now, will end up imposing price caps on public sector oil companies. How much haircut would the oil marketing companies take is a matter of conjecture.
8But one thing is for sure, the hard fought market share increases by private retailers will get reversed
8Caught between high crude prices and the looming electric vehicle revolution, the next 10 years are going to be the most volatile for private retail in India.
8Retailers may have to find innovative ways to cross subsidize retail prices or find alternative revenue streams for their outlets if crude prices continue to stay high.
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