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Well fluids for heavy oil: Green solutions now available
May 29: Green solutions are increasingly available to handle the crucial challenge when when paraffin wax, asphaltene and resin deposition downgrades your pipeline flow rates, flow size, while increasing drag, significantly straining your production systems.
8Innovative new high-tech green tech molecular disaggregators are now available that effectively controls waxes, asphaltenes and resins at a lower dosage rate whilst dramatically reducing BS&W by rapid in-line separation of the water and oil phases, breaking emulsions and eliminating foam.
8New green technologies are now increasingly used instead of harmful chemicals.
8In India, such technology will be particularly helpful in the following assets:
Mangala Field Area & Pipeline: The Mangala field area contains an OOIP of 3.6 billion barrels & daily production of 200,000 bopd of waxy crude. If applied downhole, new molecues could resolve severe wax deposition problems. Then again in the 670 km pipeline transporting the crude is heated to 650C (the Wax Appearance Temperature) to keep the crude liquid. New molecules could be applied continuously in the pipeline to lower the WAT.
Mumbai High: The offshore Mumbai High Oil field is India’s largest containing ~half of India’s recoverable reserves. Current production is >200,000 bopd of waxy crude.The crude pour point (300C) is much higher than sea floor temperature creating flow assurance issues in the subsea pipelines. Green injections could be applied to lower the crude PP in the pipeline.
Assam: The Assam region produces ~30 million barrels of oil per year. Assam crude has a PP of 300C, much higher than average winter temperatures at surface,creating handling, storage & transport problems that could be resolved using green technology.
The point to note is that the new technolgies which are coming in are
organic, requires no harzardous chemical handling protocols (with a flash point of 97°C) and can significantly impact on your HS&E concerns and OPEX spend.
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