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Flow meters: Digital twin technology makes the all important difference
May 29: Digital twin technologies are minimizing the need for testing efforts, which are usually cost-intensive and time-consuming.
8A comparison of the sensitivities calculated by the digital model on the construction of new flow meters, for example, obtained during field tests revealed an agreement of 95 percent – establishing the model as a realistic and accurate predictive tool
8Besides predicting sensitivity, the model could predict linearity of the flowmeter or in other words, constancy of the sensitivity with changing flowrates measurement accuracy.
8Not only is the digital twin concept an asset during the testing phase, the model has been extensively leveraged to modify the existing design of the flowmeter to improve quality.
8By incorporating novel component designs and innovative ideas in the model, improvement in flowmeter performance could be evaluated.
8The modified flowmeter was found to outperform the existing flowmeter product besides setting the stage for future design improvements.
8A new word of innovation has now opened up as a result
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