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Chemicals from renewables: Indian companies need to keep an eye on developments
May 28: There is now increasing global attention towards producing hydrogen, ammonia and methanol from renewable energy
8Comparative cost curves are now floating around, indicating that people are indeed looking at the possibility of a switch to making these products without using fossil fuels at some point in the future.
8Does the introduction of carbon taxes swing the cost-economics of using the renewable power route to chemicals into the favourable range?
8Will abundantly available offshore power push the transition or will it be cheap renewable power in the Middle East and Africa that will trigger the change?
8Renewable energy is cheap in India too. So Indian companies need to keep a watch on these cost curves and new emerging technologies.
8You never what is in store
8What is for sure is that chemicals and petrochemicals will be perpetually in demand, what can perhaps change is how you make them.
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