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50 key energy issues: A mapping for India
May 25: For Indian energy leaders, the website carries here a map of 50 key issues that can impact the sector
The map is arranged in the following manner:
8The impact of an issue on the energy sector – this forms the x axis.
8The degree of uncertainty related to its impact – this forms the y axis.
8The urgency with which we need to address the specific issue – this is represented by the proportional size of the issue bubble.
8A larger size corresponds to a higher degree of urgency.
There are three different zones to monitor:
-- Critical uncertainties: Issues with high uncertainty and high impact (in the top-right quadrant) are the critical uncertainties’ with no clear path of action. These issues keep energy
leaders most awake at night need to be part of the energy leaders’ dialogue and scenario analysis.
-- Action priorities: The issues in the high-impact and low-uncertainty space are those which keep energy leaders busiest (bottom-right, ‘action issues’).
-- Weak signals: The low-impact and low-uncertainty issues (bottom-left quadrant) include those of perceived lesser importance or those that are still not fully understood and need
further investigation.
It is a ready reference tool that provides a clear perspective of what is it that can keep them awake at night
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