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Vedanta's chemical flooding plans in Barmer-II: Polymer to ASP
May 24: Vedanta did a switch some time ago from using just polymer flooding for its IOR and EOR programmes in its  RJ-ON-90/1 block to a more broad-based Alkali, Surfactant and Polymer (ASP) flooding technique.
8The company intends to or is using as much as 400,000 bbl/day of ASP solutions.
As the company plans to double its footprint in Barmer, the use of ASP solutions will go up as a lot these wells get into IOR and EOR mode soon after production.
8At one point in time, the company boasted about using the highest volume of polymer flooding in the world.
8These figures are likely to go up as the company not only tries to steady production from existing wells but dig up more wells going ahead.
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