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Vedanta's chemical flooding plans in Barmer-III: Questions need answers
May 24:  A company such as Vedanta must be able to answer the questions on the use of toxic chemicals and water management practices in their polymer flooding programme in the Barmer bloock.
Toxic chemicals:
8Does the company provide quantitative reporting on reducing the toxicity of injection luids? 
8Does the company state that as a practice it will not use diesel in injection fluids? 
8Does the company state a practice to not use BTEX in injection fluids? 
 Water Management:
8Does the company report principal practices used to test cement integrity, such as use of cement evaluation logs, or temperature, acoustic, or ultrasonic measures? 
8Does Cairn disclose whether it routinely assesses groundwater quality after it drills?
8Does it disclose the percentage of flowback water managed and reused for subsequent operations? 
8Does Cairn disclose the aggregate quantity of water used for operations? 
8Does it report the share of water sourced from various types (e.g., x% groundwater, y% surface water, z% flowback water, etc.) 
8Does the company state it has a policy of using non-potable water sources to the fullest extent technically practicable? 
8Does Cairn report the intensity of its water use—the amount of water required to produce measurable units of energy (e.g., gallons/million BTU[MMBTU])? 


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