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Vedanta's chemical flooding plans in Barmer-IV: Is it doing a good job of water management?
May 24: The Barmer chemical flooding plan will require high volumes of water that will be mixed with chemicals and pumped deep into the reservoir.
8Access to water is a problem too as Rajasthan is water stressed.
8Some of the water containing intentionally added chemicals returns to the surface and must be stored. treated, reused, or disposed of safely. 
8One of the highest risk pathways for water contamination of surface and ground water is through surface spills and leaks of this return water. 
8Management of water risks must be a core priority for Cairn given its aggressive polymer and ASP flooding programme..
8And is it doing a good job of it?
8This is something difficult to find out as adequate data is not disclosed.
8The problem is that adequate reporting standards have not evolved yet, making monitoring for stakeholders all that more difficult.
8Pre-drill testing of water quality is useful for providing baseline data against which claims of water contamination can be measured. Post-drill monitoring is important for continued evaluation of water quality to ensure timely action should any problem arise. 
8Development of a new generation of injection chemicals that can work cost-effectively with non-potable water is also a step forward but it is not know whether a due process is laid down in India.
8In tandem with rapid technological innovation, companies have been scaling up waste treatment operations and waste treatment.
8There is now a need for government appointed international consultants to tell us how to make the reporting process more transparent.


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