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Latest energy sector projections: Coal to stay on, gas-based power ruled out
May 21: The median share of solar energy in utility-based electricity generation ranges from 17 per cent to 19 per cent in 2030 and 42 per cent to 50 per cent in 2050, under three different economic growth scenarios, according to a new analysis.
8This, however, does not mean that coal-based electricity generation will peak and decline, it will continue to grow.
8Only under the most pessimistic scenario – low economic growth, along with high cost of coal, and low cost of all other competing technologies – do we see coal-based generation peaking in 2035 and then declining.
8All other technologies – including wind and nuclear – will have only a limited role.
8Electricity generation from wind energy will also see secular growth, and capacity additions will be higher than coal, but its overall potential is limited unless offshore wind becomes cost-competitive rapidly.
8Gas-based electricity will not be able to play a significant role in India’s power sector unless there is a significant shift in international gas market dynamics and the cost of gas-based power falls.
8The same can be said for nuclear energy-based power generation in India, as nuclear power plants are becoming expensive to import, and progress on domestic reactors has been slow at best.
8While these observations may already have been known, get the hard data and the modeling exercise around it on our website
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