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Battery technology: Do not back the wrong horse
May 18: Battery technologies are central to delivering significant advances in a wide range of industries, from electric vehicles to renewable power. This has catapulted battery technology to the top of the priority list for many players, leading to a huge boom in investment, as companies try to build key positions in the market.
8However, this investment frenzy threatens to lead companies to rush forward without asking themselves key questions.
8What will the landscape look like when the dust settles?
8Which technology will dominate the battery space in the future, and what are the potential scenarios for future growth?
8How do you (as a chemical company, utility, investor, battery manufacturer, automotive manufacturer, mobility provider or government or regulator) prepare for the future and position yourself to benefit?
8Are dramatically new battery technologies likely change the dynamics of the industry?
8Get a full template on what is going on in this rapidly transiting industry and where is it eventually headed?
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