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Carbon price and the future of gas: An analysis
May 17: Even though gas is being trumpeted as the fuel for the future, the jury is still out on this subject.
8Methane emission is a big problem and unless check, the CO2 footprint of using coal, in some scenarios, can be lower than gas.
8Then again, when it comes to use of gas in power generation, if the carbon price goes up if the world wants to decarbonize more rapidly than how it is envisaged now, gas again become an unviable commodity
8If the CO2 price were to reach $30-40/tCO2 the economics would start to favour onshore wind instead of gas and at $60-120/tCO2 would favour solar PV instead of gas.
8This upper bound falls over time as the costs of wind and solar PV continue to decline while natural gas prices increase: shortly after 2030 there would be no CO2 price range at all that would favour gas (based on generation costs alone).
8Gas will have to fall back rapidly on alternative uses to stay ahead
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