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Find out how do we catch business opportunities in the downstream sector: APC Control System maintenance RFQ coming up
May 16: How do we catch business opportunities in a downstream project?
8What our team does is to break up the facility data into its individual units. Let us take the example of IOC's Panipat refinery. We pick up the location, map it geo spatially, provide a detailed utility matrix, in terms of captive power capacity, total power requirement, gas consumption, pipeline connectivity details, grid connectivity for power, kind of substation used, along with the kind and quantum of feed used for captive power.
8We also provide the full product slate data in terms of design and actual capacity, along with all raw material and feed input data, while telling you how much of the capacity is operational and how much is planned. The affluent treatment plant is mapped.
We then follow this up with a detailed mapping of individual units within the refinery, say a Crude Distillation Unit or a Sulphur Recovery Unit. And for every unit, we have a few key contacts, as also the product and input slate and the technology used.
8On top of this extensive static database, we run a dynamic database which tells you where the future business opportunity is going to come, either in terms of a maintenance contract or a capital project.
8Add this up for all of IOC's refineries, pipelines and terminals, and you will have a massive easy-to-use database, collated in this manner for the first time in India, providing you with dozens of leads along with project parameters and key contacts. We do this for all companies in the downstream sector, giving you hundreds of forward looking leads as a result
8We have a trained team of mechanical engineers, who breaks down all leads into their individual components, in terms of equipment and services which will be needed going ahead. So all you have to do is to put the equipment and service you are selling into the search box and out comes all the projects where their requirements are coming up in the future.
8We also do a full mapping of all maintenance contracts within a facility, along with expiry dates of existing contracts. We alert you when these contracts come up for renewal or when fresh contracts are likely to come up.
8Business Opportunity for a Maintenance Contractor
Owner is planning to float a one year contract for the upgradation and maintenance of Advance Process Control (APC) system in an RFCC unit at its refinery.
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