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Software updates: Fertilizer projects
May 14: Ammonia-Urea Energy Saving Project         
8Cost - Rs 200 Crore
8Project Description: The owner is in the contracting process for its ammonia-urea energy-saving project with the objective of reducing the Specific Energy Consumption of Urea by 0.4 GCal/MT. The project management consultant has been appointed. The major equipment requirements are Gas Turbine Generating Set, Waste heat recovery boiler, Electrical & Control System, Electrical panels, GT starting system, Ventilation system for GTG enclosure, Combustion air intake system, Makeup water system, Water treatment system, Utility distribution system
8Project Event: The RFQ for EPC contractor is already released.  The process licensor will be selected by the EPC contractor.
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SSP Fertilizer Greenfield Project          
8Cost - Rs 90 Crore
8Project Event: The evaluation process is ongoing against a bid for an EPC contractor, the price bid has not opened yet, Tender for equipment is likely to be released in August 2018.
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