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Right sizing LNG infrastructure in India
May 14: How does one right size the LNG infrastructure, particularly in a country like India, where the pipeline distribution network is not all the strong?
8With a supply glut looming ahead, the focus seems to be on LNG distribution
8Building highly cost-efficient receiving terminals and break-bulk facilities, as well as having smaller carrier vessels operating from these terminals to serve other demand centers with smaller customers are now coming up
8The use small scale LNGCs that potentially allow doorstep delivery of tolled-gas on regular routes is where the emphasis seems to be
8Are these solutions cost competitive?
8The cost structure is suitable for big LNG carriers but methods have been found to drastically reduce the cost by converting existing small scale bulk carriers and container ships to LNG carrier service by incorporating LNG containment systems in them.
8Scalability and flexibility is the name of the game
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