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Around 700 MMT of new LNG capacity can be constructed
May 11: What is the extent of new LNG capacity that can come in from across the world in the future?
8The figure is high: as much as 700 million tonnes of new capacity can come up, with bulk of it from the US. Find out where this new capacity is going to come from.
8The LNG capacity addition by 2020 is expected at 115 million tonnes
8Over 33 Mtpa of new liquefaction capacity expect to enter commercial service in 2018, an increase of 10% over 2017
8LNG demand is extremely price sensitive in many parts of the world, including India
8But the price is right, more capacity can come in quickly.
8At least 125 Mtpa of LNG production capacity in planning has a breakeven of <$10/mmbtu.
8In relation to capacity creation, demand is growing too, as of now.
8In Q1 2017, imports were at 73 million tonnes in comparison to 78 million tonnes in Q1 2018, an increase of 8%
8The point to note against is that between China, India and Pakistan, imports were up by as much as 30%, though the Indian growth story was a little stymied.
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