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LNG shipping: Market is tightening
May 11: The website carries here a projected quarterly LNG shipping availability up to the year 2025.
The following tables are included:
8Projected LNG Vessel Supply (160k cbm equivalent assuming no scrappages)
8Projected LNG Vessel Supply (excluding unfixed pre-2000 built vessels)
8Projected LNG Vessel low case demand, with a cessel-to-volume multiplier of 1.5x for US and 1.3x for RoW
8Projected LNG Vessel high case demand, with a vessel-to-volume multiplier of 1.7x for US and 1.4x for RoW
8Range between projected low and high demand cases
8The data shows a tightening of the LNG shipping market going ahead. Already spot rates are setting higher lows and higher highs with increased spot fixture activity.
Click on Reports for more. The website also carries here daily FOB LNG rates and shipping freight rates


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