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Digital technology: Big gains in productivity
May 11: Digital technology is now bring about dramatic improvement in productivity in the oil & gas sector.
8Digital twins are bringing about as much as 30% productivity improvements in refineries
8Predictive maintenance of ONGC's electric submersible pumps, if implemented, can bring about huge savings
8Digital twin designs for topsides can save as much as 30% in engineering costs
8Predictive maintenance can save as much as $100 million in opex over a 10 year period for in a Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit
8For a typical 1300 km pipeline with 18 pumps, powered by smart pumping technology, the payback period is estimated to be under a year and savings up to $60 million during
 the lifecycle of the pipeline
8Also find out more on how simulations for virtual testing and training and an onshore operation center for remote condition monitoring enabled savings of about 30% in an offshore platform.
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