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Crypto currency platforms can transform the transportation landscape
May 11: Despite the fact that many government frown upon crypto currencies, products that use crypto currency based technology platforms facilitating global trade and transport are proliferating.
8One such platform wants to provide a global marketplace which will facilitate trade, transport, exchange of documents and payment options at low cost in real time.
8The platform architecture is based on the principles of high level of security,t ransparency, traceability and accountability.
8It is set up in a way that the participants can take advantage of any part of it alone, or in combination with other sections. It can be used as a very simple platform or as a complex smart contract utility with various payment options.
8The platform options provide infinite possibilities for added value to the users and the participants.
8The full scale scope of the exercise extends to all trade and transport areas i.e. the shipping industry (containers, bulk, break bulk, liquid bulk), inland transportation (trucks, railways), air
 cargo (transportation by planes, drones, etc.), other types of “new age” transport such as pipeline transport, space cargo, intercity and outer city shared rides. Dedicated platforms
for the different types of transport will be interconnected, allowing for infinite functionality.
8The objective is the creation of synergy between the commodities and cargo traders with all transport means on a global scale. The integration of all participants and utilities delivers unique, first of its kind ecosystem.
8Clearly, the advantages are many, so it is only a matter of time before such platforms are introduced in Indian markets.
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