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Rs 4000 crore refinery expansion: RFQs for utilities and short lead items next month
May 08: 8Project Name: Refinery Brownfield Expansion 
8Project Cost: Rs 4000 crore
8Project Description: Owner along with PMC-cum-EPCM contractor is carrying out engineering activities to expand the capacity of refinery. At present, civil work is going on. Equipment orders have already been placed. There is a slight delay in electrical and instrumentation work.
8Project Event: RFQ for utilities and Offsite work is expected by June 2018.
RFQ for electrical and instrumentation work is expected by July instead of May 2018.
8Expenditure Approval : Q4:2016
8RFQ Date : Jun/2018
8Release Date: Jul/2018
8Start Date : Jan/2017
8Completion Date : May/2019
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8Business Opportunity for The Equipment Maintenance Contractor
8The refinery owner is planning to float a bid for long term contract involving the inspection and furnishing of refractory repair and heater in CDU, VDU and FCCU of the refinery at the time of maintenance.
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