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Oil & Gas lobbying: Collectives do not work well
May 03: The Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry has come out with with a policy report which leaves much to be desired in terms of depth and content.
8Styled along the lines of the American Petroleum Institute, the Indian outfit has a long way to go before it can develop the necessary clout and reputation of its US counterpart.
8Companies find it convenient to lobby individually with the government rather than to do it collectively through an industry body.
8What is more, the number of players is limited, and each have their own independent agendas.
8There is also significant conflict of interest among companies that work against building an effective collective lobbying group.
8Under funding is always is a major issue with such industry lobbies in India, thereby not allowing them to build the capabilities needed to conduct in-depth research and analysis needed to build heft in this technology heavy industry.
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