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Renewable only policy fails to deliver on emission reduction targets: Subsidizing gas fired power plants and use of decarbonized gas are touted as new solutions
May 02: The use of gas in a decarbonizing economy is slowly getting redefined away from the usual narrative.
8Worryingly, a renewable only approach is not fulfilling emission reduction targets in some advanced countries.
8The emphasis is clearly shifting to gas fired power to replace coal power but with governmental subsidies.
8There are lessons here for Indian policy planners who have turned away from subsidized gas based power.
8At the same time, the focus is moving to decarbonized gas, where gas to liquids technology comes into full play, with the spin off CO2 pumped back into oil & gas reservoirs.
8This has the added advantage of keeping existing gas production going beyond the current viable lifespan, given decarbonization targets, while existing pipeline infrastructure can be utilized to transport hydrogen and other energy storing liquids.
8Pilot plants are sprouting out in advanced countries and, increasingly, there is greater acceptance of this concept.
8This narrative is different from the use of pure gas in an economy. And this is a very important distinction that policy makers must take into account.
8Technological and financial barriers are being pushed aside for this new gas paradigm as renewable only policies are failing to deliver the emission reduction targets.
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