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Pakistan in a mess
May 02: The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global money-laundering watchdog, will place Pakistan on its terrorist financing watch list (grey list) later this year.
8The grey-listing may squeeze Pakistan’s economy and make it harder for the country to meet its mounting foreign financing needs, including potential future borrowings from the International Monetary Fund.
8The grey-listing could lead to a downgrade in Pakistan’s debt ratings, making it more difficult to tap into the international bond markets and stash plans to raise more through Eurobonds and Sukuks.
8The United States is acting to squeeze Pakistan’s finances: the Trump administration suspended assistance of over $1 billion, which included military assistance and the release of Coalition Support Funds (CSF), money which the United States owes to Pakistan for military operations.
8Find out how all of this makes for an explosive mix for our neighbour
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