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RIL's new drilling programmes: An update
May 02: A rig has been contracted for RIL's new drilling programme in its R series block
8Commissioning of the reservoir will begin from mid 2020 and a production of 12 mmscmd out of 30-35mmscmd gas output targeted by 2022.
8The MJ1 prospect which will kick in 12-13mmscmd from 2021-22 is a HPHT field, but similar to the existing MA field in the D-6 block. The FDP is approved and the BP-RIL consortium has started the contracting process, with awards for subsea and other items likely from second half of 2018
8Then again the Satellite fields with 6-7mmscmd starting from 2021-22  are similar to D1/D3 fields but the consortium will use past experience to perform better this time.
8Life of R Series and MJ1 would be 9-11 years and satellites 6-7 years.
8The point to note is that the existing D1/D3/MA fields will be decommissioned, as no potential is left though associated systems need to be kept running till new gas comes.
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