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New technology will begin to bite-I: Solar tariff of Rs 1/Kwh is a real possibility
Apr 30: The general perception that that technological change has plateaued out in the solar power industry is incorrect
8New technology is still being injected at a rapid pace into the sector.
8Tariffs of less than Rs 2/kwh are already looming ahead, and the possibility of a Rs 1/kwh, paradigm, when transformational technological change, including the production of chemicals from solar energy, can take place is now very real.
8The technology is no longer about producing more efficient solar panels but also about intelligent e-management, customised solar power, ubiquitous power sources and, interestingly, about esthetics as well (solar panels now come in different colours and shapes, and they add rather than subtract from the aesthetics of a building or a surface). 
8Seven different trends have been identified within the solar industry that will make power more efficient, far cheaper than today and more greener.
8The oil & gas industry must keep a close watch on these developments
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