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New technology will begin to bite-III: How will great cities of the world look in the future?
Apr 30: Limiting global warming to 1.5 °C will require rapid decarbonisation of the world’s electricity and transport systems.
8What will a city of the future look like? It will have to be built around a different transport and urban paradigm.
8Latest research shows that the new model will be a polycentric city linked by fast electric rail, with local access based on autonomous “community” owned electric cars and buses supplemented by bicycles, electric bikes and scooters, with all electricity generated from renewables.
8Less space will be wasted on roads and parking, enabling higher accessibility yet more usable public open space.
8The precise way in which individual cities move into the future will vary, but an illustrative examples are given on how some of the great cities will evolve over the years.
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