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Food for thought
Apr 26: 8A “techlash” is under way. The web giants such as Facebook and Google are regarded as too dominant, and artificial-intelligence algorithms are considered unaccountable. The struggle for liberalism in the 21st century is not so much man versus the state, as human versus the algorithm. Click on Details for more
8One way to find out is by asking people how much it would be worth to them to give up such services for a year. A new working paper finds that the value for consumers of some internet services can be substantial. Survey respondents said that they would have to be paid $3,600 to give up online maps for a year, $8,400 to give up e-mail, and a whopping $17,500 for search engines. Click on Details for more
8Find out year-wise gas availability: If you are looking to place your business near a gas source, here is a detailed year-wise gas availability matrix from a local gas find
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8Free learning trip: Want to know more about how consumption can be spurred to offtake renewable power in India. Take a free two-week sponsored course in Europe with field trips there and in India. Click on Report for more.
8McDermott has won two offshore E&P contracts from RIL-BP and ONGC. How are they progressing? Click on Report for more.


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