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Offshore marine rates down-II: Find out how far Jackup rig rates fell in India
Apr 24: We carried a story yesterday, dubbed "The glass is either half full or half empty: Find out why Jackups is the best business to be in at this point in time.", in which we elaborated on how the biggest players in the industry are gearing up towards an upswing in rates on the back of rising investments which are buoyed by higher oil prices.
8But that may or may not be eventually true. The situation right now seems to be pretty grim.
8The website also carries here the a documentation of how low Jackup rig day rates have plunged in India.
8The fall in rates may not be as dramatic as is noticed in the PSV section but it is bad enough anyways.
8In fact, the rates settled in India for such rigs are supposed to be the lowest in the world
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