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ISPRL's Rs 5000 crore greenfield strategic storage project: Ministry nod still awaited
Apr 24: 8Project Name: Strategic Storage Greenfield Project
8Project Cost: Rs 5000 crore.
8Project Description: Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited's plans to come out with RFQs has been delayed by 2 to 3 months. At present, the project is in Pre Planning stage. The project proposes to construct salt leached caverns over an estimated time frame of 96 months.  The clearance for the project is still awaited from Petroleum ministry's end.
8Project Event: RFQs for hiring PMC contractor for the project is expected by August 2018 instead of May 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: 2016.
8RFQ Date: Aug/2018.
8Release Date: Sep/2018.
8Date: Q4/2019.
8Completion Date: Q4/2027.
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