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India fails to achieve oil & gas targets in 2017-18: Crude output isn't showing signs of going up
Apr 20: ONGC wasn't able to achieve its target crude production in 2017-18. Output was at 22.2 MMT against a target of 23 MMT
8Delays in getting some projects off the ground, technical snags and high water cut in aging fields were cited as reasons
8The long delayed conversion of the Sagar Samrat to an MOPU seems to have to have been delayed again. Additional output planned from the field from the WO16 cluster from October’17 couldn't be started up. This was one plan that did not fructify
8The much touted ‘Integrated Development of B-127 Cluster’, again from Oct.’17, got delayed though plans are to kickstart it before the monsoon breaks or else they will have to wait till October.
8Technical snags with ESPs held up production in the NBP field and they were only sorted out in February
8Then again, higher water cuts are causing problems across a range of fields, from Heera, Neelam and B-173 fields as well as assets in Mehsana and Assam.
8Meanwhile, OIL's 2017-18 output was at 3376.28 TMT which is 9.58% lower than target on high water cut from its aging fields and inadequate results from its workover programmes
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