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Praj Industries: Leveraging its way to big ticket orders
Apr 20: Praj Industries Ltd is one of those rare companies to have been able to leverage its indigenously developed 2G bio ethanol technology to elicit big-ticket orders from oil companies
8The company offers what it terms "end-to-end solutions" now.
8It has been able to solicit companies such as BPCL, HPCL, IOC and EIL
8An order has been received from BPCL, MOUs have been signed with IOC and it is the only company shortlisted by HPCL against a global tender
8Find out how Praj has been able to monopolize this lucrative segment of the industry.
8As and when the government steps up its ethanol blending programme from 4% to 10% to even 20%, Prag claims it will be there to grab a good chunk of this business.
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