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Fertilizer update: New ammonia-urea plant, DAP expansion coming up
Apr 19:  An existing company is planning to enhance the capacity of DAP from 1.5 MTPA to 1.9 MTPA in India.
8The company also wants to set up a new unit of  2.178 MMTPA of Ammonia, 1.3 MMTPA of Urea, 0.35 MTPD of Ammonia Nitrate, 0.33 MMTPA of Nitric acid, 0.5 MTPD of GSSP
 and 7 MTPA of coal handling plant.
The existing fertilizer complex consists of following manufacturing units.
84400MTPD of Sulphuric Acid Plant(3 streams)
81400 MTPD of Phosphoric Acid Plant
85000 MTPD of Di-Ammonium Phosphate Plant/NPK Plant (4 trains)
82X16 MW + 1X23 MW Captive Power Plant
8240 TPD of Zypmite Plant
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