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LNG faces a new challenge in India-I: CNG to be delivered from Iran at far cheaper rates
Apr 19: A new global company is trying to push CNG into India, claiming that it will be significantly cheaper than LNG
8The company has put together a new CNG ship whose storage system is made up of closed packed high strength steel pipes in which CNG is stored at near ambient temperatures, avoiding complicated cooling and liquid-push systems that are now available in normal CNG ships
8What is more the ship and containment system can be fully constructed in a conventional shipyard
8India is the target country as of now given its large CNG use
8Market research done by the company claims that delivered CNG will be "very cost competitive" with current delivered LNG cargoes
8A deal has been struck with Iran for supply of CNG at the India built Chabahar port from where the company's ships will deliver to India
8Around 1.5 MMTPA of LNG equivalent CNG is sought to be delivered on the west coast of India
8HOAs are currently being hammered out
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