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Apr 19: 8We see some compelling reasons why, after a challenging few years, commodities could play a bigger role in investor portfolios in 2018 and beyond. Click on Report for more.
8First, commodities historically have tended to do well in the later stages of a business cycle. Second, the crude oil futures curve today is decisively in backwardation, which generally leads to positive “roll yield” (derived from rolling a higher-priced short-term contract into a lower-priced longer-term contract). Indeed, roll yields across major commodity indexes are positive (or nearly so), and a number of studies show roll yield on futures contracts may be the best predictor of long-term commodity returns (see chart below). Click on Report for more.
8Yet another major research agency has pushed up the projected quarterly oil price in 2018 to 2020 by $10.bbl. Click on Report for more.
8Saudi Arabia is looking at a much higher price for crude before it comes out with an IPO for Saudi Aramco. Click on Report for more.
8Crude oil demand by India for the next five years show a fluctuating trend: Biggest upsurge to be in 2018 before slowing down, while picking up speed again in 2021 before slowing down again. Why is this so? Click on Report for more.
8Offshore Platform maintenance contract will be for 4 years: ONGC is planning maintenance, painting and minor repairs in 116 wellhead platforms and 13 process platforms in the western offshore basin. The letter of award is expected by June 2018. A prequalification experience criterion of 10 years has been put forward from ONGC's end. The workboat, barge and crane support is to be provided by the contractor. Moreover, a meeting for the prospective bidders is scheduled by 24th April 2018. Click on Report for more.


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