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Apr 18: 8Explore the possibility and benefits in the substitution of fossil Diesel by Dimethyl ether. The economic benefits are high when Dimethyl ether can be produced from biomass and biogas, or in combination of both processes. Click on Report for more.
8A rush of new big sized desalination orders are likely to come in India from a hitherto untapped source. Find out more click on Report.
8India-US strategic energy relationship. Know more click on Report.
8New smart apps are coming out that can provide consumers with more options to buy local or differentiated energy products. These apps are going to become more relevant for India in the days ahead. Find out more click on Report.
8There is a massive energy saving potential in the steel industry. The Chinese are setting the pace. Know more click on Report.
8Get a full synopsis of global oil & gas news here: From renewing of shale oil production in Australia to record-breaking shale oil production by the US to the initiation of arbitration proceedings launched by OVL in Sudan. Know more click on Report.
8Total Oil India has been making steady gains in the market through its portfolio of products. Find out more click on Report.


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